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Saddle, Tack, Harness
Repair, Restoration, Custom & Manufacturing

Repair, restoration for all diversities in the equestrian industry 

SADDLE TYPES; All Diversities

TACK TYPES:  All diversities

HARNESS:  Repair, restore, manufacture harness parts. We sell harness parts and supplies as well. Please contact if you have a need and do not see it on our website. 


   We make all of our parts used in repairs from scratch by using top quality leather and hardware. 

   Billets for English saddles are made with high grade English Leather for lasting durability and strength. 


  Whether you have an old vintage saddle, harness, or other leather tack, we may be able to restore the aesthetics to look like its original look.

  Depending upon a leather's integrity the original may be restored alone, but we can also age leather to look and match the original to look like the actual piece. 


  At the Leather Lady, LLC we manufacture several of our own products as well and consider outside companies products to manufacture in leather and/or with or without sheepskin. 

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