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      Servicing the Community in ALL          Their Leather Needs since 1994         (working in leather since 1977)

 Serving the Equine, Motorcycle, Boating Industry

since 2004

"I would like to dedicate my website to two of the best Leather mentors EVER who are now passed on, but taught me so much about leather and life.

They are truly missed personally, but also as Saddle Maker & Leather Smith's. Their talents and teachings are hugely missed"  (Patti)

  Gary Bristow

  Dave Mattson

   I (Patti) started in leather work and fell in love with it in high school. From there I dabbled in it until 2002 where my husband th ought I was good enough that I should grow it from a hobby to making money from it. So, I grew my  hobby into a business. 


I started out repairing other peoples horse tack, buying broken tack and fixing to sell on Ebay. I immediately was approached to join my leather skills to trail with  'The Blanket Lady' in 2003,adding my services to an existing blanket service company.


by the end of 2003, the 'The Blanket Lady'  owner approached me to buy her company. In 2004 with the help of S.C.O.R.E and OAME I bought the blanket business, and expanded the leather services & blanket services to a retail store.


Patti grew the business 33% in the first year and the Marine industry got wind of the washing & repair services. Then the motorcycle industry got wind and so servicing other avenues of the community needs took hold.  


Keeping still the main focus on horse equipment, the expansion to help in the community  grew. With peoples pets, furniture, vintage items, restoring memento's left by loved ones, has been a joy for Pat to help and allow someone enjoy their hobby or have something to remember a loved one by. 

l love to teach others how to work in leather as it is a dying art.

"We need to teach and mentor our youth and those interested in working in leather as our mentors of true Saddle making are getting up in age or passing away and the art of saddlery and Leather Smithing is dying.  loves also to  design and build as well, and enjoys making something existing even better. 

"I will continue to do leather work as long as God  allows my hands to be steady and strong, and hope I can help as well as teach others to allow them to enjoy a piece of leather craft what ever it may be that they truly love and brings meaning to their life".

   Patti Hall

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