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Bucket seat covers are sold individually.
Additional Bucket Seat Covers, Armrest Covers and Headrest Covers can be added to your order.

The best quality, pre-made, 100% pure sheepskin seat covers available. Hand selected, 7/8″-1″ thick Australian merino sheepskins are hand crafted into snug fitting, wrap around seat covers. Ready-made all sheepskin seat covers come 7 different styles and offer 12 colors to fit your bucket seat.


** These are ready-made seat covers. If you have seat belts built in to the shoulder of your seat, or if you are wanting RV seat covers, you will need to order our Tailor Made Seat Covers.


Seat Cover$199.00 Each
Headrest Cover$89.00 Each
Small Armrest Cover$89.00 Each
Large Armrest Cover$178.00  Each



HOW TO ORDER;  or CALL to Order

1. Gather photo & measurements

2. Place Order

3. Copy & Paste 'Instructions' below

4. Email 'Instructions, order number,name & phone number'(through our contact page or individually)


1. Gather measurements & photo's of seats, Make, Model & Year

2. Know which style of seat cover you would like to order 'full sheepskin cover or 50%acrylic 50% sheepskin

3. Call to Order or send email in our CONTACT icon and we will call you for more information.


Made-to-order item is typically shipped within 2-3 weeks.


Ready Made - 100% Sheepskin, Bucket Seat Covers

  • Tailor-made Custom Seat Covers –
    100% Sheepskin

    Each Tailor-made seat cover is manufactured to the specific YEAR, MAKE & MODEL of your aircraft using plush, 1″ thick Merino sheepskins. Tailor-made seat covers are secured to your seat using a durable loop design, elastic strapping system and, as an added touch, each Tailor-made seat cover is finished with a durable 1” binding and high grade nickel plated hooks. Our Tailor-made seat cover line will provide you with the best fit, highest quality and longest seat cover life available. We offer these seat covers in our 12 luxurious colors . 1 year craftsmanship warranty.

    This made-to-order item is typically shipped within 2-3 weeks.

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